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How to Lose Weight on a Low Carb Diet

How to Lose Weight on a Low Carb Diet
It seems like everyone wants to know how to lose weight on a low carbohydrate diet. So I started some research into low carb diets and here is what I found.
First, I thought that that low carb diets were just a fad. But the more I research I did on how to lose weight with one of these diets, the more I found that these diets are really old. And by really old, I mean that they are 200 years old. That is how long ago the first book published about low carbohydrate diets is.
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How to Lose Weight on a Budget

How to Lose Weight on a Budget

We all want to know how to lose weight, but we are all also on a budget. I just love it when magazines tell us how the latest movie star last fifty pounds with a treatment that only costs a thousand dollars a month. That's just not realistic for most of us, so I'll try give you the info on how to lose weight on a budget like most of us have.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make, is that they buy boxed diet dinners and eat them at home or at work. This is a real mistake. The only that boxed diet dinners make you is hungry, very hungry. In fact, I believe that is what they were designed to do. They just make you want more.

This will never work if you are learning how to lose weight on a budget because the boxed dinners are expensive. What I do instead is I take that money and spend it on lots of full-fat yogurt and peanut butter. You heard me right. Full fat yogurt and peanut butter. In fact, my favorite weight loss food is the Greek yogurt because it is concentrated with so much fat.

I take a big bowl and scoop out as much of the delicious full-fat yogurt as I think I can eat. Then I put about four tablespoons of peanut butter right on top. So how does this work? Instead of being hungry the rest of the day, I am absolutely stuffed. And I spent as much or less money on my diet meal as the person who got the boxed dinner in the next cubicle and is starving five minutes after lunch.

The thing to know about how to lose weight when you are on a budget is to shop the bulk aisle. Nuts are a great high protein snack, but they can be expensive. So I go to the bulk aisle and stock up on nuts there. The best time is when there is a sale on one of my favorite nut snacks. I will buy up to ten pounds of nuts at a time if they are half priced.

As you can tell, my diet is a low carb and high fat weight loss diet and it has worked great for me for years. But when you are buying a lot of meat, you want to get it as inexpensively as possible. I prefer to eat grass fed beef, but that can be very expensive. There are two wast to get around this when you are losing weight. First, only buy the grass fed beef when it is on sale half off. Leave a little out and freeze the rest for later. The second thing to do is buy local. We have local grass fed beef that delivers to your door and is always at the half off price of the grocery store. That saves a ton of money throughout the year. You can find where to get local beef from your local farmers market group.

Dropping the pounds on a budget should be easy by following the steps above. Buy in bulk, buy on sale, avoid diet food, and buy local. You can do it, too.

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How to Lose Weight in a Week

How to Lose Weight in a Week

There is one tried and true method for how to lose weight in one week. It is to completely cut the carbs out of the diet. This is the exact same diet that you see published every week in women's magazines on the supermarket shelves. The reason it is published so much is because it really works and you can lose up to ten pounds in only one week.

But the critics of this type of diet usually complain that the pounds lost are just water weight from all that excess fluid you have been carrying around. But losing that fluid is one of the healthiest things that you can do for your body. When you delete the carbohydrates from your diet you are decreasing your bodies production of insulin. By doing so, you stop the stress signals that are telling your body to hold on to all of that fluid and all of that weight.

As your kidney begins to flush out the fluid, your blood pressure will get lower as well. This is because your heart is not having to pump all of that extra water around in all of your blood vessels. There is less resistance to flow and less fluid to push around. So you actually feel great as your blood pressure is coming down and the scale is reading lower each day. Now that's how to lose weight.

Eliminating carbs for a week means eliminating all of the breads, pastas, cakes and cookies out of the diet. You also have to avoid sugars, and sweets and pies. You have now become a meat eater. You are eating steak, and bacon, and sausage, and pork chops. You are now trading in the bagel, muffin, and oatmeal at breakfast for eggs. You are also eating lots of salad and lots of green vegetables. You have divorced yourself from the potato chips and french fries.

Those who truly know how to lose weight in a week realize that water weight is not the only weight that you begin to lose in a week. You actually begin to lose fat as well. If you have lost ten pounds in the first week, then probably eight of those are water and two of those are actual fat that your body has burned for energy. This is a big week with big changes on the scale, and you will probably never again lose that much in seven days.

If you continue with the diet beyond that week, you will however continue to lose fat, and fat only. There will be no more water loss from this point on. You should lose about two pounds of fat off of your body every week until you are nearing your ideal body weight. At that point, something magical happens, the weight loss slows, then it stops. You stay at your ideal body weight as long as you stay off the carbohydrates. So this low carb diet can be a quick fix for a week or a great long term fix for a lifetime.

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How to Lose Weight in 30 Days

How to Lose Weight in 30 Days

When you have a big event coming up in your life, you often need to know how to lose weight, and how to do it fast. Here are the biggest tips that will help you lose weight in 30 days or less.

The first tip on how to lose weight in 30 days is to drink lots of water. Water will flush your system and keep you running while on your new diet. Water replaces drinks that contain sugar. When you want to lose the extra pounds, avoiding sugar is a must because sugar increases hormone levels that tell your body to store fat. So replacing sugar drinks with water is key. Water will also help your body flush out toxins and make you feel full. And there are times that people think they are hungry, but they are really thirsty. The only way to know is drink lots of water and see if the sensation goes away.

The next thing to know about how to lose weight, is to avoid artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. There are some people who follow their recommended diet to the letter, but still can't lose weight. This is because of the consumption of some artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. The sweetener may be telling the body to release hormones that are causing the weight retention and weight gain. So you can drink water like suggested above, or you can switch to unsweetened tea or herbal teas.

There is also one food that absolutely must be avoided. This tip about how to lose weight comes from lots of clinical experience and has been published in several books, and is the key to several diets. You must avoid wheat, and any food made out of wheat to shed the pounds. This is because wheat also causes the body to release hormones that cause your body to hold on to weight. This means that for the next month, bread, pasta, bagels, and anything made out of wheat are totally off limits. But cutting the wheat and the sugar, you will melt the pounds quickly.

So when you are wondering how to lose weight, and lose it fast remember these three tips. First, drink lots of water as a substitute for drinks sweetened with sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Also remember to avoid some artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, which can cause your body to retain weight. Instead drink water and unsweetened beverages. It is also essential that you avoid wheat in all of its forms. These are the three keys to lose weight in 30 days.

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How to Lose Weight by Eating Pizza

How to Lose Weight by Eating Pizza

Lots of people want to know how to lose weight, but they don't want to give up their favorite food which is pizza. Luckily, there are several ways to drop the pound while still eating pizza, and we'll let you in all the secrets in this article.

To melt unsightly fat and eat pizza at the same time, you have know what the enemy in pizza really is. It is not the meat, the cheese or the sauce that is the problem. It it the crust of the pizza. The crust of the pizza is bread which will spike your blood sugar. So you need to decrease or eliminate the crust to drop pound. So the first step in how to lose weight while eating pizza is to cut the crust.

There are several ways to decrease or eliminate the fattening bread from your pizza. The first way, and by far the easiest, is to simply scrape all of the toppings off of the crust from your favorite restaurant. It doesn't matter if you ordered pepperoni, sausage, Italian sausage, or triple meat with triple cheese. You can eat all of that, but you've got to scrape it all off the crust to drop pounds. Then, you eat all the toppings with a fork. Yes, it will require a fork to eat your pizza now.

But there are some people who just have to have some crust on their pizza. They want to know how to lose weight and still have some crust on the pizza. This gets a little tricky and may require you actually cook at home. Yes, I said it, you might have to cook. The best alternative for wheat based pizza crust is a simple corn tortilla. A corn tortilla is really thin and has a lot less carbs that fattening wheat crust.

So you take a simple corn tortilla and pile on your sauce and tons and tons of toppings. Add as much of the cheese and meats and vegetables as you want. Stack things really high so you get that great pizza flavor and satisfaction without all the carbs. Cook on a pre-heated cooking stone to make the corn tortilla crisp and help it support the weight of the toppings.

A last alternative, and one that is not the top recommendation to lose weight, it just to substitute lots of salad for the extra pieces of pizza you used to eat. Rather than eating 4 pieces of pizza, simply eat one piece of pizza and eat three salads. This combination will get you lots of healthy, green vegetables and still allow you have at least one piece of normal pizza.

By following the instructions above, you will still be able to get rid of the fat and eat your favorite food. Always remember that the crust is your enemy, so cut the crust to drop the pounds.

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How to Lose Weight Before Summer

How to Lose Weight Before Summer

Swimsuit season is rapidly approaching and lots of our readers are asking how to lose weight before they put on that swimsuit. Luckily there is still plenty of time to drop those extra pounds and melt that unsightly body fat before you put on that swimsuit. Here are out best tips about how to lose weight before swimsuit season this summer.

It is essential that you monitor your diet this spring to lose the weight for this summer. Foods that are really great to help weight loss are green-leafy vegetables. These include romaine, lettuce, Boston lettuce, spinach, kale, and many more. If you want to drop the pounds, simply add more of these green vegetables to your diet. They should replace carbohydrates in your diet such as bread and pasta. Instead of having a piece of bread with your meal, have a giant salad of leafy greens. T

he good news is that you can eat as much of these vegetables as you want. If you want to eat three or four salads at a meal, that's great. You can do it.

Salad dressings can actually be fine to use as well. If you are wondering how to lose weight while still eating salad dressings, here is the secret. The most important thing is that the salad dressings do not contain sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or other sweeteners. The oil and fat found in salad dressings is fine, but the carbs in salad dressings are what cause you pack on the pounds.

The easiest way to see if the salad dressing will help you lose weight or not is to look for the number of carbohydrates in the dressing. You want the carbohydrates to be as close to zero as possible. A great dressing is simple oil and vinegar, or you can just use olive oil. These dressings have virtually no carbohydrates, and will help you lose the pounds before summer.

Other salad vegetables are great as well. These include tomatoes and cucumber. If you want to add nuts to your salad, those will help you Lose the weight also. However, be careful about adding dried fruit to salads such as raisins or cranberries or any other dried fruit. These will add a ton of carbs and prevent you from burning fat.

So eat lots of green leafy vegetables and eat lots of salads to lose the pounds before summer swimsuit season. Salad dressings are fine as long as you avoid dressings that contain sugar or carbohydrates. Other vegetables on your salad will help you melt fat, but avoid the dried fruits. If you replace the bread and pasta on your plate with these foods, you will drop the pounds and look great in your swimsuit this summer.

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How to Lose Weight Before My Wedding

How to Lose Weight Before My Wedding

I really wanted to know how to lose weight before my wedding, so I did a little research. First, I was getting ready to head to the gym and hit the treadmill. But when I looked up how to lose weight, the treadmill has not really been proven to help with weight loss. I did find out that body definition is improved with strength training, so I chose to do that instead.

I did find a lot of diets recommendations on how to lose weight before my big day, but I didn't know which one to pick. So I tried to find the common themes between the most recommended diets. The main theme seemed to be to avoid sugar and high fructose corn syrup leading up to my big day. Avoiding sugar was easy for me, but it is amazing how many foods contain high fructose corn syrup, so I read labels.

But I didn't just want to know how to lose weight, I wanted to know how to do it fast. I only had two months before my wedding. My research showed that avoiding bread and pasta was absolutely necessary to lost the weight fast.

Avoiding bread was easy because I don't eat much. But avoiding pasta was much tougher. Luckily I found a vegetable, a spaghetti squash, that could substitute for my favorite dish of spaghetti and meatballs! In fact, I was worried that I would have to miss out on the meatballs and cheese, but they were allowed.

I also read that reducing stress can help you lose weight. Since I wanted to look great for our honeymoon on the beach, I booked a daily trip to tanning salon. I really find it the most relaxing part of my day. No phone. No distractions. Just warmth, rest and relaxation. I can't say that the tanning bed really helped me lose weight for sure. But it sure helped me relax and look great for my wedding and honeymoon.

So I cut out the sugar, bread, and pasta with great results. I lost over twenty pounds in less than two months. Plus I toned up my body in the gym and looked great on my big day. So when someone asks me how to lose weight before their wedding, I just recommend they do what I did. Get rid of the bread and sugar, and don't forget to stop by the tanning bed for some rest and relaxation. And I hope you have the same success.

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How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

how to lose weight VIDEO

It seems like every time I turn around there is another new fad diet that is supposed to be the breakthrough that we've all been looking for. In reality, we don't just want to know how to lose weight in the short term. We want to know how to keep it off after we have lost it. We want to end the incessant yo-yo dieting pattern that has has kept us fat for years.

The first thing to do is to avoid eating diet food. Diet food from the grocery store is the worst because it is packed with tons of carbohydrates. These meals that are supposedly manufactured by some company that knows how to lose weight, are actually your worst nightmare. They are low in calories, that is true. Many are low in fat, that is true. But they are packed with cheap, fattening carbs. So step one is to avoid diet foods.

The next biggest thing to do is to eat more protein and more meat. I once read about a doctor who treated all of his patients with a very simple weight loss diet. They were told to eat one half pound of meat at each and every meal. That's right, one half pound of meat three times a day. That's what he told them how to lose weight. He then reported that he successfully treated over fifteen thousand patients on this exact same diet plan.

Now you might not like to eat that much beef in a day, but you can increase your protein intake each day. In the morning eat eggs and bacon instead of cereal and toast. At lunch eat meat and veggies instead of bread. And at dinner pass on the rolls for an extra piece of meat loaf. If you will keep this up day after day, and week after week. You will lose those extra inches around your waist.

But after you have lost the weight, the question is how to keep it off. An here is a key point. You don't change anything. I'm serious. The whole yo-yo diet problem is because people think of healthy eating as something like a bus. You hop on for a while, then you hop off for while, then back on. But it does not work like that, you have simply keep doing what you are doing indefinitely, and you will achieve your goal of keeping the weight off and saying goodbye to roller coaster dieting.

Skip the diet food aisle, eat more protein, and keep it up to become the trimmer you that you've always imagined.

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How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

How to Lose Weight

I struggled with my weight since I was child. I can painfully remember going to the swimming pool in the summer and wanting to cover up my belly hanging over my swim shorts. I can remember always wanting to wear my shirt at the beach. Can you imagine that. I carried the same weight problems and issues into adulthood as many of us do. And the issues continued until I discovered how to lose weight and keep it off.

So what are my credentials for writing an article about how to lose weight? Basically five years ago I underwent a lifestyle change that resulted in great weight loss of over 50 pounds and I've been able to keep that weight off for the entire 5 years. My weight now only fluctuates about on or two pounds a week, and it usually fluctuates below my ideal body weight rather than above it. So I want to share this method of how to lose weight with you.

Basically, I got into the idea of the paleolithic diet. The premise here is that mankind was never intended to eat lots of grain. But in modern society grain has become our mainstay dish. We eat grain at every meal of the day and for every snack in between. Grains of all sorts are everywhere.

We started eating grains with the invention of agriculture about ten thousand years ago. Prior to that time, the human race had existed for millions of years without grains and the human body was well adapted to exist without grains. Now in modern society we eat so much grain that it has made us fat and lazy.

When I think back to those painful years of my childhood I can remember that I ate cereal every single morning. And bread at every meal. I was a real serious grain eater and it showed. So if your wondering how to lose weight and keep it off, here is the key. Cut the killer grains.

And that is exactly what I did. I had a divorce from grains of all sorts from wheat to rice to corn to oats. They do not cross my lips and all the rest takes care of itself. My weight stays down. My cholesterol stays down. I'm staying healthy and feeling great all by cutting out the grains and eating more like my ancestors, paleolithic man. While the Paleo diet can be more complicated than that, that's how I approached it and it has been a tremendous success for me.

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How to Lose Weight and Feel Great


The truth is that we don't just want to know how to get slimmer. We want to know how to lose weight and feel great at the same time. As for me, I had tried diet after diet with no success because I always felt deprived, hungry and horrible. In fact, I had actually lost hope that there was a great way to get rid of the fat and feel good at the same time. I had given in and resolved myself to the fact that in order to get skinny I would have to feel horrible. Luckily, I was wrong.

One day on an internet search I discovered the LCHF diet. That stands for the low carbohydrate high fat diet. The website was great and gave tons of information on how to lose weight while still feeling great. The biggest part of the diet plan is to count carbs. While I had heard of this concept before, I had never really tried it. And when I started counting, I was amazed at how many carbs I was eating. I was eating 200 or 300 grams of carbohydrates a day.

The best part of the information on the LCHF website was that eating the carbs actually sucks the energy out of your body. So as long as I was eating all those carbs I felt tired, had low energy, and felt lethargic. When I really started the diet and decreased my carbs to only 50 or less net carbs per day, I was amazed at the results. I had more energy. I was more alert. I was less sleepy ding the daytime. It was really amazing.

The other key piece of info I found was that exercising actually helps increase your energy levels, making you feel even better. So exercise became the second component of how to lose weight and have more energy. I just did about 20 minutes on the treadmill three or four time a week. And, to my amazement, I found that on the days I went to the gym I was bouncing around the office like a teenager doing ninja moves on my coworkers. Really!

The results have been amazing. I set my weight loss goal for 25 pounds and I actually exceeded my goal. And the best part is that I have felt great on the diet and even better with the exercise. Thanks to everybody who developed this diet and brought it to my attention.

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