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How to Lose Weight Before Summer

How to Lose Weight Before Summer

Swimsuit season is rapidly approaching and lots of our readers are asking how to lose weight before they put on that swimsuit. Luckily there is still plenty of time to drop those extra pounds and melt that unsightly body fat before you put on that swimsuit. Here are out best tips about how to lose weight before swimsuit season this summer.

It is essential that you monitor your diet this spring to lose the weight for this summer. Foods that are really great to help weight loss are green-leafy vegetables. These include romaine, lettuce, Boston lettuce, spinach, kale, and many more. If you want to drop the pounds, simply add more of these green vegetables to your diet. They should replace carbohydrates in your diet such as bread and pasta. Instead of having a piece of bread with your meal, have a giant salad of leafy greens. T

he good news is that you can eat as much of these vegetables as you want. If you want to eat three or four salads at a meal, that's great. You can do it.

Salad dressings can actually be fine to use as well. If you are wondering how to lose weight while still eating salad dressings, here is the secret. The most important thing is that the salad dressings do not contain sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or other sweeteners. The oil and fat found in salad dressings is fine, but the carbs in salad dressings are what cause you pack on the pounds.

The easiest way to see if the salad dressing will help you lose weight or not is to look for the number of carbohydrates in the dressing. You want the carbohydrates to be as close to zero as possible. A great dressing is simple oil and vinegar, or you can just use olive oil. These dressings have virtually no carbohydrates, and will help you lose the pounds before summer.

Other salad vegetables are great as well. These include tomatoes and cucumber. If you want to add nuts to your salad, those will help you Lose the weight also. However, be careful about adding dried fruit to salads such as raisins or cranberries or any other dried fruit. These will add a ton of carbs and prevent you from burning fat.

So eat lots of green leafy vegetables and eat lots of salads to lose the pounds before summer swimsuit season. Salad dressings are fine as long as you avoid dressings that contain sugar or carbohydrates. Other vegetables on your salad will help you melt fat, but avoid the dried fruits. If you replace the bread and pasta on your plate with these foods, you will drop the pounds and look great in your swimsuit this summer.


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