Saturday, February 8, 2014

How to Lose Weight on a Low Carb Diet

How to Lose Weight on a Low Carb Diet
It seems like everyone wants to know how to lose weight on a low carbohydrate diet. So I started some research into low carb diets and here is what I found.
First, I thought that that low carb diets were just a fad. But the more I research I did on how to lose weight with one of these diets, the more I found that these diets are really old. And by really old, I mean that they are 200 years old. That is how long ago the first book published about low carbohydrate diets is.

Next I found that the metabolism of the human body is capable or running in two different directions. First, if you are consuming lots of breads and carbs, all your metabolism is going to run off of sugar that is created by those breads and carbohydrates. If you are eating lots of protein and fat, then your body's metabolism will set itself to run entirely on protein and fat. And running on fat is the biggest thing. As long as your body is tuned to get its energy from fat, you will be burning your own fat, all day, every day and getting slimmer.
So when we talk about how to lose weight, we are actually talking about how to lose fat. We don't want to burn lots of protein from our muscles because we need that lean mass of muscle to make us look and feel great. That is why a low carb diet must contain lots of protein. The protein that we eat in the diet will keep us from burning our own muscle mass while losing weight. That means eating lots of protein is absolutely essential.
But where people get lost on a low carbohydrate diet is when they try to eat lots of protein and vegetables and avoid the fat. Actually fat in the diet is absolutely necessary to ensure that we have plenty of energy and feel great while losing weight. A diet of high protein and low fat will cause you to feel nauseated. So the fat prevents the nausea. Also fat in the diet will make you feel more full after every meal. Also eating fat will help prime your body to burn more fat on this type of diet.
Then people want to know if these diets where you eat lots of protein and fat can be healthy for your body while you are dropping the pounds and getting slimmer. It appears that the carbohydrates in the diet are converted into triglycerides and bad cholesterol which are bad for the heart. Also the carbs are what cause the body to hold onto fluid and results in high blood pressure. So eating low carb can be healthy for these conditions and weight loss.
These diets are proven for over 200 years and it appears that eating lots of protein, fat, and vegetables will help you get slimmer and healthier at the same time. To be sure, you should see your doctor before losing the weight. He can test your blood pressure and cholesterol before and after you start your diet to see if it is healthy for your individual body type and medical conditions.


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