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How to Lose Weight in a Week

How to Lose Weight in a Week

There is one tried and true method for how to lose weight in one week. It is to completely cut the carbs out of the diet. This is the exact same diet that you see published every week in women's magazines on the supermarket shelves. The reason it is published so much is because it really works and you can lose up to ten pounds in only one week.

But the critics of this type of diet usually complain that the pounds lost are just water weight from all that excess fluid you have been carrying around. But losing that fluid is one of the healthiest things that you can do for your body. When you delete the carbohydrates from your diet you are decreasing your bodies production of insulin. By doing so, you stop the stress signals that are telling your body to hold on to all of that fluid and all of that weight.

As your kidney begins to flush out the fluid, your blood pressure will get lower as well. This is because your heart is not having to pump all of that extra water around in all of your blood vessels. There is less resistance to flow and less fluid to push around. So you actually feel great as your blood pressure is coming down and the scale is reading lower each day. Now that's how to lose weight.

Eliminating carbs for a week means eliminating all of the breads, pastas, cakes and cookies out of the diet. You also have to avoid sugars, and sweets and pies. You have now become a meat eater. You are eating steak, and bacon, and sausage, and pork chops. You are now trading in the bagel, muffin, and oatmeal at breakfast for eggs. You are also eating lots of salad and lots of green vegetables. You have divorced yourself from the potato chips and french fries.

Those who truly know how to lose weight in a week realize that water weight is not the only weight that you begin to lose in a week. You actually begin to lose fat as well. If you have lost ten pounds in the first week, then probably eight of those are water and two of those are actual fat that your body has burned for energy. This is a big week with big changes on the scale, and you will probably never again lose that much in seven days.

If you continue with the diet beyond that week, you will however continue to lose fat, and fat only. There will be no more water loss from this point on. You should lose about two pounds of fat off of your body every week until you are nearing your ideal body weight. At that point, something magical happens, the weight loss slows, then it stops. You stay at your ideal body weight as long as you stay off the carbohydrates. So this low carb diet can be a quick fix for a week or a great long term fix for a lifetime.


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