Saturday, February 8, 2014

How to Lose Weight Before My Wedding

How to Lose Weight Before My Wedding

I really wanted to know how to lose weight before my wedding, so I did a little research. First, I was getting ready to head to the gym and hit the treadmill. But when I looked up how to lose weight, the treadmill has not really been proven to help with weight loss. I did find out that body definition is improved with strength training, so I chose to do that instead.

I did find a lot of diets recommendations on how to lose weight before my big day, but I didn't know which one to pick. So I tried to find the common themes between the most recommended diets. The main theme seemed to be to avoid sugar and high fructose corn syrup leading up to my big day. Avoiding sugar was easy for me, but it is amazing how many foods contain high fructose corn syrup, so I read labels.

But I didn't just want to know how to lose weight, I wanted to know how to do it fast. I only had two months before my wedding. My research showed that avoiding bread and pasta was absolutely necessary to lost the weight fast.

Avoiding bread was easy because I don't eat much. But avoiding pasta was much tougher. Luckily I found a vegetable, a spaghetti squash, that could substitute for my favorite dish of spaghetti and meatballs! In fact, I was worried that I would have to miss out on the meatballs and cheese, but they were allowed.

I also read that reducing stress can help you lose weight. Since I wanted to look great for our honeymoon on the beach, I booked a daily trip to tanning salon. I really find it the most relaxing part of my day. No phone. No distractions. Just warmth, rest and relaxation. I can't say that the tanning bed really helped me lose weight for sure. But it sure helped me relax and look great for my wedding and honeymoon.

So I cut out the sugar, bread, and pasta with great results. I lost over twenty pounds in less than two months. Plus I toned up my body in the gym and looked great on my big day. So when someone asks me how to lose weight before their wedding, I just recommend they do what I did. Get rid of the bread and sugar, and don't forget to stop by the tanning bed for some rest and relaxation. And I hope you have the same success.


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